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Bespoke Trampolines & Parts


Specialists in Providing bespoke solutions

We have worked with clients from a variety of backgrounds, including theatre companies, television productions, holiday and leisure parks, trampoline parks, schools, soft play centres and domestic home environments. 

If you have a project in mind and need our help, please call us on 01884 675801.

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Trampoline Springs

Tapered Springs

We’ve perfected our tapered springs over several years. They react to the weight of the individual user. This means that different parts of the spring are put under pressure by different users, vastly increasing the lifespan of the spring and your customers’ enjoyment. Our tapered springs also feature an elongated hook, so they’re easier for you to fit.

Consistent Width Springs

Our largest spring is designed for performance trampolines. The consistent width means that all of the coils are used at once, allowing users to bounce extra high. This spring is ideal for larger trampolines that feature a 2 string or web bed.


Trampoline Beds

Whether working from an existing design, or coming up with a new design concept, our specialist team are on-hand to help. Bed fabric is available in a vast selection of colours, including contrasting webbing, and can be branded with your logo, if desired.

Polymesh Beds

Our most popular beds, these are very competitively priced and adhere to strict quality and safety standards. Single-skin polymesh beds are an economical solution, whilst the stronger double-skin beds are longer-lasting, so offer better value over their life-span.

Powermesh Beds

Our powermesh beds offer increased control, making them particularly suitable for younger children and gymnasts. They’re actually made from one skin of polymesh and one of powermesh, to offer both superior performance and increased durability. These beds can also come with 200mm spring cover extensions if required. 

2-String Performance Beds

Exceptional Durability Our 2-string bed can last six times as long as a webbed bed. What’s more, it can be refurbished and repaired by our specialist team, so could last you for many years. All in all, it offers you superb value for money. The 2-string bed is very easily cleaned, whilst our refurbishment service restores the condition of the bed to as though it were new and extinguishes even the toughest of stains.


Bespoke Frame Pads

We can custom-make padding in a range of colours and sizes, right here in the UK.

Quality materials

We only use commercial standard foam, which is closed-cell and cross-linked for extra durability. Unlike cheaper packaging foam, our padding is designed to maintain its shape, so it offers the same high standard of protection over a longer period of time.

Range of options

All of our pads are manufactured on demand; just let us know the size you need. You’ll be offered a wide choice of colours, and can also have your logo printed on the padding if you wish.



Bespoke Steel Frame Fabrication

Our team of specialists can undertake bespoke steel fabrication using high-quality UK materials. Our staff are all fully trained and have extensive experience. Your frames will be manufactured in our south-west England factory, to your unique specifications.



Non-cling and Knotless netting

We can then supply and deliver the goods directly to you, giving you the freedom to build it yourself. Or, if you would prefer to leave it a specialist, we can build it for you. We can also fit beds and springs at the same time.

custom powder-coated frame with bespoke padding.


We offer both non-cling and knotless types of commercial-grade netting. The netting can help you to protect both bouncers and onlookers. A huge range of colours are available, and the netting will be supplied to your exact measurements.

Installation and Aftercare

Super Tramp is more than just a supplier; we aim to build lasting relationships with our clients and can offer a wide range of support services.

Please contact us for more information: 01884 675 801