Fitness Rebounder


Within our range of fitness rebounders, we offer varying designs that feature either springs or a bungee mechanism, giving you the freedom to choose a rebounder that meets your individual health and fitness needs and requirements.

The original PT Bouncer™ was designed and developed by Super Tramp over 20 years ago and this hugely popular fitness rebounder is still in production today. Featuring a light-weight frame and 36 high tensile Swedish piano wire springs, the PT Bouncer has been performance-engineered to provide a very firm but stable, low-impact bounce and appeals to a wide range of users as it allows you to choose your own level of exertion.

The Bungee Bouncer is the new addition to our fitness rebounder range and is available in either a round or hexagonal frame design. The elasticated bungees stretch much further than a traditional spring, providing a soft yet incredibly springy bounce that is cushioning for those with sensitive joints. A support bar is integrated within the design of the Bungee Bouncer and comes as standard for extra balance and stability.