We supply all the replacements parts for the PT Bouncer™ from a new set of springs to the top frame and the jump bed. Keep your PT bouncer™ in great shape and keep bouncing by replacing tired or worn parts.

Check out our USEFUL GUIDE on how to replace parts safely on your PT Bouncer.

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  • Spring tool Easy grip handle Spring pulling tool

    Super Tramp Spring Pulling Tool

    SPRING PULLING TOOL FEATURES: Handy spring pulling tool with easy-grip handle Recommended for use when replacing jumping mat and springs The easy-grip handle provides comfort to the user and is a great aid for removing and fitting trampoline springs...

  • PT Bouncer springs replacement spring

    PT Bouncer Rebounder Springs - 5 Pack

    PT Bouncer™ Rebounder Springs - 5 Pack Designed for the PT Bouncer fitness rebounder Made from high-tensile, Swedish piano wire  Will fit other brands of fitness rebounder Replacement springs for the Super Tramp PT Professional Rebounder...

  • Replacement rubber feet for PT bouncer Rubber feet for PT Bouncer PT bouncer spare parts

    Replacement feet for the PT Bouncer - 6 Pack

    Replacement feet for the PT Bouncer - 6 Pack Replacement rubber feet for the PT Bouncer™ fitness rebounder. Pack of 6 replacement rubber feet for the Super Tramp PT Bouncer™ fitness rebounder. The feet easily fit onto your...

  • Replacement legs for PT bouncer rebounder legs with rubber feet six legs for the PT Bouncer

    Pack of 6 Legs for the PT Bouncer Rebounder

    Pack of 6 Legs for the PT Bouncer Rebounder Replacement pack of legs for the PT Bouncer™ Rebounder, complete with rubber feet.  Pack of 6 replacement legs for the PT Bouncer™ complete with rubber feet. The legs screw directly into...

  • Spring protector for PT bouncer Rebounder spare skirt PT bouncer replacement frame pads PT Bouncer replacement skirt

    Replacement PT Bouncer Spring Cover (Frame Pad)

    Replacement PT Bouncer Spring Cover (Frame Pad) Replacement aquamarine spring cover designed to fit the Super Tramp PT Bouncer™ Replacement aquamarine spring cover for the PT Bouncer™ professional fitness rebounder. The cover is fully...

  • Replacement Bed for PT Bouncer new bed for rebounder trampoline

    Replacement Bed to fit the PT Bouncer Rebounder

    Replacement Bed to fit the PT Bouncer™ fitness rebounder  A replacement mat for your PT Bouncer™ fitness rebounder. This bed can be fitted to your existing top frame and comes complete with fitted steel anchor bars...

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