In-House Manufacturing

A bespoke trampoline is a customized and tailor-made trampoline designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of an individual or organisation. Unlike standard trampolines that come in predefined sizes and shapes, bespoke trampolines are custom-built to suit the user's preferences, space, and budget.

The design of a bespoke trampoline can vary greatly depending on the intended use, location, and the user's skill level. It can come with various features such as safety nets, padding, and adjustable legs. The size of the trampoline can also be customized to fit the available space, whether it's for indoor or outdoor use.

Bespoke trampolines are often used for recreational purposes in residential properties, but they can also be used in commercial settings such as theme parks, fitness centers, and schools. They are designed to be durable, safe, and long-lasting, with high-quality materials and construction methods used to ensure they can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

A bespoke trampoline is a unique and personalised piece of equipment that offers a fun and exciting way to exercise and entertain people of all ages and skill levels.

Based in Devon, we have been producing trampolines since 1983. We are proud to produce a selection of our product ranges in-house using exceptional quality materials manufactured to the highest standard. 




Our knowledgeable team have vast experience in the design and manufacture of trampolines and trampoline parts. 




Over the years, we have worked with a variety of customers, these include:

  • Theatre companies

  • TV productions

  • Trampoline parks

  • Farm parks 




Furthermore, we produce a selection of our trampoline frame pads and jumping mats in-house.