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Trampoline Spring Anchor Straps

SKU2-202-Pack of 10
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  • Designed for the Super Tramp Performance range
  • Wallaby/Super Wallaby
  • Kangaroo/Super Kangaroo
  • Boomer 

The spring anchor strap was a Super Tramp innovation and was developed by it's founder, the late Chris Prentis, in 1994. The aim of developing such a product was to eliminate the metal-to-metal contact of the spring on the steel frame which caused wear and created noise.

The trampoline spring anchor straps function by connecting the spring to the steel top frame. They wrap around the frame and fix onto the spring hook which in turn attaches to the jumping mat. 

They are easily replaced and are a cost-effective way of protecting your springs and trampoline frame from wear and tear.

Spring anchor straps were designed for - and are still used by - the Super Tramp Boomer, Kangaroo, Super Kangaroo, Super Wallaby, and Wallaby.

Available in packs of 10, 50, 100 and 118