XR Series 360 Rectangular Trampoline

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  • 12' x 8' hot-dip galvanised steel frame
  • 88 x 8.5" tapered springs with enlongated hook
  • 3-tier deluxe safety net enclosure
  • 10 year warranty on frame and springs
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The high quality galvanised steel frame of the XR Series 360 boasts a steel thickness of 2.2mm and a frame tube diameter of 50mm, making it sturdy, strong and durable. The frame is resilient against rust and corrosion thanks to the hot-dip galvanised steel it is constructed from which enables it to comfortably withstand the changeable British weather conditions. 

The trampoline measures 12 x 8ft.

The outward-bowing steel side rails have been designed to complement the springs and jump mat so that maximum bounce potential can be achieved. 


Our jump mats are woven from high-grade, UV-stable polypropylene mesh with advanced breathability to ensure a low level of air resistance when bouncing. Webbing straps secure the galvanised steel ‘V’ rings which act as the anchor for the springs going into the frame.


Our patented zinc-plated tapered springs behave and function according to the weight of each individual user. This means that the spring barrel is utilized depending on each individual user's weight and ability. This exclusive technique improves the performance and life of the spring, whilst the elongated hook is user-friendly enabling you to fit them easily to the frame. 


Manufactured in Super Tramp’s signature garden green PVC, the XR360 does not become an eye sore in your garden. The subtle green colour helps the trampoline to blend in with it's garden surroundings. 


Our 3-tier inside-fitting safety net is in a class all of its own with its superior method of attachment. Unlike most conventional designs where the net attaches only at the top and bottom of each pole, our 3-tier system attaches top, middle and bottom. This prevents the net from sagging and falling into the jumping zone, as well as ensuring that users are guided back to the centre of the jumping mat and away from springs and frame should they bounce waywardly and into the net. 


Our cleverly designed safety enclosure attaches to the outside of the trampoline legs meaning it can be easily deconstructed and put into storage when not in use. This means you could remove it and sink your trampoline into the ground in the future should you wish to.


The XR 360 is suitable for use in the ground. Please contact us if you wish to purchase this trampoline without the safety enclosure.


Guarantee Silver Level 
Length of springs (mm) 216
Pad Colour Garden Green
Number Of Springs 88
Frame Wall Thickness 2.2mm
Frame Tube Diameter 50mm
Trampoline Height 36"
Maximum User Weight 120 KG (19st)
Number Of Legs 4
Bed Material Polymesh
Width 8ft (244cm)
Length 12ft (366cm)
Enclosure Entrance L-shape Zip & Clip
Enclosure Net Attachments Elasticated Bungee Loops with Q-Hook
Number Of Enclosure Poles 8
Enclosure Pole Diameter 38mm
Pole Covering Black Neoprene Foam
Total Height 270cm (8' 10")

Download the user guide for the XR 360 here: USER GUIDE


This product is covered by our

  • Frame - 10 years
  • Springs - 10 years
  • Bed - 5 years
  • Pads - 1 year
  • Net - 1 year
  • Ladder - 1 year

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