14ft Complete Trampoline Safety Enclosure

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14ft Standard Safety Enclosure

This is a universal fit trampoline safety enclosure intended to fit most garden trampolines. If you are looking for a safety enclosure for your 12ft Fun Bouncer or 14ft Super Bouncer, please see our dedicated Bouncer Enclosures.

This safety enclosure package contains:

  • Safety net to fit 14ft trampoline (inside fitting type)
  • 38mm trampoline enclosure pole set. (to make 8 complete poles)
  • 38mm enclosure foams (to cover 8 complete poles)
  • Set of 8 Enclosure top caps - 38mm
  • Set of 16 Universal Enclosure Pole U Clamps (to fit up to 42mm diameter leg)

This product is a complete safety net enclosure intended to fit to a trampoline that was originally purchased without one. It is designed to fit a 14ft diameter frame that has 8 legs.
The safety net is fastened securely to each upright pole using adjustable webbed straps with D ring buckles at the top of the net. At the bottom, the net is attached using nylon laces that tie on to the edge of the jumping mat to keep children away from the springs and frame, and prevent children from exiting the trampoline enclosure unsafely. 

Please make sure you know the measurements of your trampoline before purchasing. To find the correct net for your trampoline, you will need to find out:
- the size of the whole trampoline frame, with measurements taken from the outer frame edge to the outer frame edge. You do not need to know the measurements of the black mesh jumping surface. 
The size of the frame is the size of the net you need! E.g. If your trampoline frame is 14ft and has 8 upright enclosure poles, then the replacement net for 14ft 8-pole trampoline would be the correct size. 

Net Information:
Number of attachments per pole: Top and bottom
Attachment method: Webbing strap with D ring at the top, nylon lace at the bottom
Entrance Type: Zip
Laced at bottom: Yes

Pole Information:
Diameter: 38mm 
Assembly: This pole is in two sections which slot together to form one complete pole.

Pole Clamp Information:
Pack of 16 Universal Enclosure Pole U Clamps designed to fit the following pole size combinations:
• A 38mm to a 38mm pole
• A 38mm to a 42mm pole
• A 32mm to a 38mm pole
• A 32mm to a 42mm pole
• A 25mm to a 38mm (using the adapter provided)

This full set includes 2 clamps per enclosure pole, enough to assemble your trampoline enclosure.

Pole foam information:
Pack of 16 pieces. 2 foams to fit one pole. Note that the foam may need cutting to size.
Charcoal grey in colour designed to fit poles with a maximum diameter of 38mm.
Inside diameter: 38mm

Top cap information:
Enclosure Top Caps to fit 38mm diameter (1.5 inch) enclosure poles.
Designed to slot onto the top of the enclosure pole.
100mm height of top cap.
Universal net fitting; either by strap or bungee loop.