Bespoke and Custom Made Trampoline Beds

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Trampoline Beds

Whether working from an existing design, or coming up with a new design concept, our specialist team are on-hand to help. Bed fabric is available in a vast selection of colours, including contrasting webbing, and can be branded with your logo, if desired.

Polymesh Beds

Our most popular beds, these are very competitively priced and adhere to strict quality and safety standards. Single-skin polymesh beds are an economical solution, whilst the stronger double-skin beds are longer-lasting, so offer better value over their life-span.

• Double-skin polymesh bed; available in black as well as red, blue, grey or yellow, over layer of black polymesh with coloured webbing border option.

• Optional spring retaining flaps are available as an extra (pictured), if desired or where necessary.

Powermesh Beds

Our powermesh beds offer increased control, making them particularly suitable for younger children and gymnasts. They’re actually made from one skin of polymesh and one of powermesh, to offer both superior performance and increased durability. These beds can also come with 200mm spring cover extensions if required.

• Double-skin powermesh bed; available in a wide choice of colours, including black, grey, green, blue and red, and your choice of coloured webbing. Optional spring cover extensions available if required.


2-String Performance Beds

Our 2-string bed is exclusive to Super Tramp and believed to be the hardest-wearing trampoline bed available in the UK.


Increased performance

The 2-string bed is similar to a webbed bed, but offers better grip and stability. This helps users to build their confidence, and feel comfortable bouncing higher and performing tricks. The cross-weave design has air pockets between the strings to allow for optimal airflow. This crucial flow of air is the key to the 2-string’s exceptional performance, allowing for maximum jump power and uncompromised stability.

2-string performance bed:

The 2-string is advantageous compared to webbed beds which can stretch over time. When the webbed bed stretches, the performance is badly affected and means they need replacing more frequently. The 2-string doesn’t have this problem. It maintains its shape, stability and performance, bounce after bounce after bounce.

Available as a 425 x 213cm, 425 x 183cm and 366 x 183cm bed, in a wide range of colours, including standard white, black and yellow*.


Exceptional Durability

Our 2-string bed can last six times as long as a webbed bed. What’s more, it can be refurbished and repaired by our specialist team, so could last you for many years. All in all, it offers you superb value for money. The 2-string bed is very easily cleaned, whilst our refurbishment service restores the condition of the bed to as though it were new and extinguishes even the toughest of stains.

Wide choice of colours, sizes and branding options

Our 2-string bed is available in black, yellow and white as standard. However, a range of other colours can be ordered on request. The bed can also be branded with your logo. Three sizes are available, including a whopping 425 x 213cm option.

This product has a lead time of approximately 6 weeks
(We will give you a call as soon as your order is placed with us to discuss delivery and time-frame)

Bespoke black polymesh trampoline bed.

Custom design black polymesh trampoline bed, made in the UK. Springs Not Included.

Delivery can take up to 31 days.