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Industry specialists for more than 30 years Super Tramp was founded in 1983 and is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial trampolines.

Our services include:

  • Bespoke design, manufacture and installation of trampoline parks
  • Supply of competitively-priced spare parts to fit a range of brands
  • Ongoing support, including maintenance, safety checks and repairs
  • Consultancy service, including one-to-one and group training sessions

Download our Commercial Spares Brochure HERE!


Replacement Springs


Our springs are extra strong and extra bouncy. Your customers will love how they perform, and you’ll love how long they last. We’ve perfected our tapered springs over several years. They react to the weight of the individual user. This means that different parts of the spring are put under pressure by different users, vastly increasing the lifespan of the spring and your customers’ enjoyment. Our tapered springs also feature an elongated hook, so they’re easier for you to fit.

Replacement Trampoline Beds

We have a range of trampoline beds to suit different needs and budgets. Most are available in a choice of colours, including contrasting webbing, and can be branded with your park’s logo.

Polymesh Beds


Our most popular beds, these are very competitively priced and adhere to strict quality and safety standards. The beds come with 200mm spring cover extensions. Single-skin polymesh beds are our most economical solution. However, the stronger double-skin beds are longer-lasting, so offer better value over their life-span and eliminate the need for secondary fail-safe netting. 

Powermesh Beds


2-String Performance Beds


Our 2-string bed is exclusive to Super Tramp and believed to be the hardest-wearing trampoline bed available in the UK. The 2-string bed is similar to a webbed bed, but offers better grip and stability. This helps users to build their confidence, and feel comfortable bouncing higher and performing tricks. The cross-weave design has air pockets between the strings to allow for optimal airflow. This crucial flow of air is the key to the 2-string’s exceptional performance, allowing for maximum jump power and un-compromised stability.

Bespoke Frame Pads


We can custom-make padding in a range of colours and sizes, right here in the UK. We only use commercial standard foam, which is closed-cell and cross-linked for extra durability. Unlike cheaper packaging foam, our padding is designed to maintain its shape, so it offers the same high standard of protection over a longer period of time.

For more information on our bespoke services:

Download our Bespoke Brochure HERE!


Bespoke Steel Frame Fabrication


Planning to add a new section to your trampoline park? Our team of specialists can undertake bespoke steel fabrication using high-quality UK materials. Our staff are all fully trained and have extensive experience. Your frames will be manufactured in our South West factory, to your unique specifications.

For more information on Commercial Builds

Download our Commercial Builds brochure HERE!


Non-cling netting


Our non-cling netting is strong and durable, and made to the latest IATP specifications. The netting can help you to protect both bouncers and onlookers. It’s designed to withstand the most competitive of dodge ball games! A huge range of colours are available, and the netting will be supplied to your exact measurements.

Training and Support Services

Super Tramp is more than just a supplier. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients and can offer a wide range of support services. We can also carry out staff training, to ensure that your team members can undertake basic maintenance, repairs and safety checks. Please contact us for more information.