Replacement Net for 12ft (8 Pole) Trampoline Safety Enclosure

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Customer Notice - If you are looking for a replacement safety net for your 12ft Fun Bouncer, please note the following:

Due to ongoing supply issues, we sadly do not have any stock of the Replacement ESN Net to fit the Fun Bouncer. 

This alternative net will fit the Fun Bouncer but as it is a 'standard fit' net, it cannot suspend from the eyebolt in each pole via the elasticated Bungys with Q-Hook and therefore requires 38mm Top Caps in order to fit to your trampoline. The Top Caps can be added on to your order separately here. You do not need the elasticated bungys in order to fit this net. If you are in any doubt, please call us to discuss. To go on a waiting list for the ESN Net, please email us your name, email address and contact number and the product you are looking for. 


Replacement Net for 12ft (8 Pole) Trampoline Safety Enclosure

  • Safety net to fit 12ft trampoline with 8 poles
  • Inside-fitting net
  • Made from high-quality materials

Trampoline safety enclosure net for a 12ft trampoline with 8 poles. This net is fastened securely to each pole using webbed straps with D ring buckles at the top of the net and is attached to the bottom using nylon laces to prevent children from exiting the trampoline enclosure unsafely. 

*Net Only*

Please make sure you know the measurements of your trampoline before purchasing. To find the correct net for your trampoline, you will need to find out:

- the size of the whole trampoline frame, with measurements taken from the outer frame edge to the outer frame edge. You do not need to know the measurements of the black mesh jumping surface. 

The size of the frame is the size of the net you need! E.g. If your trampoline frame is 12ft and has 8 upright enclosure poles, then the replacement net for 12ft 8-pole trampoline would be the correct size. 

More Information
Number of attachments 2 straps on each pole
Attachment Method Webbing strap with D ring
Laced at bottom Yes
Entrance Type Zip and clip