Replacement Super Bouncer 14ft ESN Enclosure Net

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  • Replacement ESN Safety Net for 14ft Super Bouncer trampoline
  • Inside-fitting net
  • Integrated slot system improves safety and eliminates access to springs and framework
  • 3-point attachment system

This replacement ESN safety net is designed to fit the 14ft Super Bouncer trampoline. Our high-spec, class-leading safety net uses a 3-point attachment system for additional safety, where many other manufacturers only use two.

At the top and middle points of each enclosure pole, elasticated bungees with "Q"-hooks secure the net to the trampoline. At the bottom, an integrated slot system secures the net to the bouncing mat of the trampoline, eliminating any small gaps and keeping bouncers safe in the jumping zone at all times. The ESN net is an inside-fitting net which means that the springs and framework are inaccessible whilst the trampoline is in use. 

This net style is suitable for all generations of Super Bouncer*.

*Please note that pre-2014 models of Super Bouncer will have been sold with a different style net which used three bungee points on each pole. This version of the net has been discontinued as a result of the introduction of the new design with improved safety features. 

More Information
Number of attachments 2 bungees on each pole
Attachment Method Bungee with Q Hook & Spring Anchor Slots
Laced at bottom No
Entrance Type Zip and clip