Stegga Trampoline Scooter

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Stegga Trampoline Scooter

Stegga’s trampoline training scooter brings a new dimension to scootering by introducing a revolutionary deck and fork kit that allows for an unparalleled feel and response while in use on a trampoline. ‘True Weight. True Size. True Response.’


  • Hidden Fork System
    Stegga's Hidden Fork System (HFS) has been designed to allow the scooter to function and perform in the exact same way as stunt scooter. Want to learn the correct motion for bar spins, tail whips or, well, anything really? You can with Stegga!
  • Rubber Grip Pad
    Featuring a unique rubberised grip pad which is softer to the touch and thicker than standard grip tape. This provides additional cushioning while still maintaining a solid level of grip.
  • Stegga Arc Deck
    Forged from 6061 heat treated alloy, the arc deck is the first ever scooter deck to feature a convex underside and fully curved edges. The deck works harmoniously with the surface of the trampoline, allowing for maximum absorbtion of kinetic energy. This allows the user to jump higher, all while keeping the surface of the mat of the trampoline protected from the sharper square edges and dropouts found on a traditional deck.
  • Hi-tensile steel bar and Alloy clamp
    Ready to ride, the Stegga scooter comes equipped with Hi-Tensile steel bars and an alloy double clamp which will get you going straight out the box. To fit a wide range of rider the Stegga scooter comes with stock handlebars measuring 510mm wide x 600mm high.
  • Unique Convex Deck
    The unique convex deck on the Stegga scooter works seamlessly with the surface of your trampoline, helping to prevent tearing and allowing you to shred for longer!
  • Designed by Industry Experts
    Stegga's full size trampoline scooter brings a new dimension to scootering by introducing a revolutionary deck and fork kit that allows for unparalleled feel and response while in use on the trampoline. Bounce higher with Stegga's unique convex deck and build muscle memory on the techniques that matter most!

Technical Features & Specifications:

Weight: 950 grams
Bar Height: 600mm (23.6")
Bar Width: 508mm (20")
Bar Material: Hi Tensile Steel Bar
Deck: 140mm (5.5”) x 521mm (20.5”) Stegga Arc Deck (23.5” from front to back)
Deck Weight: 1.15kg
Clamp: Aluminium double clamp M6 thread
Headset: Neco IHC
Grips: Black Rubber PU Supergrip
Griptape: Pre-fitted rubberised 5.5” x 20.5” griptape
Total Weight: 3.30kgs
Trampoline Scooter
Improve your technique at home!
Suggested Ages: 6 years and up

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